Innovator Survey
Taking the pulse of innovators to discover what's working in innovation
How do you define "innovation"?

Please the definition of innovation that you think is appropriate.
How does your company define "innovation"?

Describe how your company defines innovation.
What challenges, if any, are created by your company's definition of innovation, or lack of a definition?

What impact does your executive team think innovation should have on your business?

What actual innovation outcomes has your company produced in the last 2-3 years?

Does your executive team consider innovation a sporadic activity or a continuous capability?

Innovation can be defined on a spectrum, from "incremental" to "disruptive".  Where would you place the majority of your innovation efforts on that scale? *

We define incremental as small changes to existing products, services or processes.  Disruptive is defined as completely new products, services or processes.
Doblin defines "Ten Types" of innovation outcomes, including products, services, business models, channels and more.  Please select which innovation outcomes your team has created in the last 2-3 years

Innovation experts talk about the importance of a defined "front end" capability or process.  How well defined is your innovation "Front End"?

How closely aligned are executive's expectations for innovation versus the day to day priorities and commitments of the rest of the organization?

What are the biggest challenges to getting innovation done in your organization?

As an innovator, do you feel:

What innovation measures or metrics exist within your organization?

Enter as many as you care to, for example, the percentage of revenue from products less than 3 years old.
How is innovation success rewarded?

What happens when innovations "fail"?

Does your company include innovation as part of the annual planning cycle?

Does the management team explicitly plan for innovation in its annual planning cycle?
Does your company allocate funds for innovation each year?

What impact has your internal innovation activity had on your business in the past three years?

Your answers could range from "none" to describing the revenue generated by new products or services, to the fact that your company entered a new market.
When people within your company talk about successful innovators (people or companies) who do they refer to?

Do you believe your company is keeping pace with its existing competitors and potential new entrants where innovation is concerned?

Over the last three years, do you believe your organization has:

Looking ahead 3 to 5 years, do you think the needs for innovation in your industry will

Looking ahead, what's the one really significant opportunity in your industry for innovation?

What characteristic or feature of your industry will experience the most impact from innovation in the next few years?
About you...

How old are you? *

How many years have you been working on innovation?

How large is your company (number of employees)?

In what state (if US) or what country do you work?

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